Mobilization of Opiners to clean up Brazilian beaches

The goal of this mission was to go to a beach indicated by PiniOn and fill at least one bag with garbage taken from the sand and dispose of it properly in an appropriate trash can.


Attended the 
indicated beaches and carried out the mission.


Visited by Opiners in this mission


Were collected and disposed of correctly

All we need is a little push

This was the most common expression we heard in this 2-day initiative.
One user told us that she enjoyed the opportunity to bring her son along to teach him the importance of this purpose. In another case, our mission reminded the user how dirty the beaches were and what he could do about it.
In the next videos, the Opiners (PiniOn users) tell us more about what they did and felt when carrying out the mission.

Why is that an important matter?

Garbage dumped on beaches causes significant damage to the oceans as the waste often ends up in the water.
Plastics of the most diverse types are among the main polluters of beaches. This fact further intensifies the process of destruction of the oceans, as it is one of the types of garbage that most impact marine biodiversity.
In addition, the accumulation of garbage on the beaches can aggravate health problems for bathers and visitors.


This socio-environmental impact happened in just 2 days in Brazil. Imagine having this recurring initiative globally and with millions of people cleaning beaches. This is our ambitious goal!


We are a mobile platform that engages over 3 million users through missions that provide purpose and generate a financial reward.

Users have the power to opt for each specific task and guarantee the final reward in their wallet within our application.

How do the PiniOn missions work?

Based on profile and/or location, PiniOn performs missions with 3 million Opiners. Our level of engagement is high because, for each mission, our base has an opportunity for extra income. Check out how this flow works:


PiniOn sends a push notification to users, and they access the missions tab in the PiniOn app.


After confirming their interest in the mission, they receive the necessary information and instructions.


It's time to carry out the mission, which can be done by photo, video, audio, or form.


Completing the mission, if approved, users receive a reward.

Our story

Founded in 2012, PiniOn has become the largest Brazilian platform for carrying out virtual and face-to-face missions.

Spread throughout the country, we have more than 3 million registered users and we are present in more than 4,500 cities.

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