Competitive real-time data to feed your databases and algorithms

Do you know those data that you couldn't deliver on time and with quality due to the limitations of your methods? PiniOn came to break down the barriers when it comes to meeting the customer's demand for scalability. We deliver large volumes of data, in real-time, throughout Brazil, and the USA. All this in an almost 100% automated way, reducing risks.


Global company, the leader in the technology sector.


The company could not find a partner that delivered the desired volume on time and with quality. This was a barrier to meeting its scalability demand.


Get high volume data, in real-time in hundreds of Brazilian cities on specific dates (hour/day), comparing prices and other figures with competitors, with quality and affordable prices.


We use proprietary and market technologies to offer a personalized solution for collecting and analyzing real-time data, both from clients and competitors. Data is delivered in a spreadsheet updated in real-time that the company can use for its business analysis.

And how did that help our customers?

With an automated 24/7 work process, your database is updated in real-time with anonymized raw data (all within the GDPR) about your platform and competitors. This optimized processes and streamlined the service of its intelligence and strategy team.

+ 25 MILLION data points processed and shared in real-time with the customer.


We are a mobile platform that engages over 3 million users through missions that provide purpose and generate a financial reward.

Users have the power to opt for each specific task and guarantee the final reward in their wallet within our application.

How do the PiniOn missions work?

Based on profile and/or location, PiniOn performs missions with 3 million Opiners. Our level of engagement is high because, for each mission, our base has an opportunity for extra income. Check out how this flow works:


PiniOn sends a push notification to users, and they access the missions tab in the PiniOn app.


After confirming their interest in the mission, they receive the necessary information and instructions.


It's time to carry out the mission, which can be done by photo, video, audio, or form.


Completing the mission, if approved, users receive a reward.

Our story

Founded in 2012, PiniOn has become the largest Brazilian platform for carrying out virtual and face-to-face missions.

Spread throughout the country, we have more than 3 million registered users and we are present in more than 4,500 cities.

Today, we coordinate tasks at scale for companies, governments, and the third sector, improving business and information efficiency by taking action quickly and with auditable results.