E-waste Awareness with PiniOn

The goal of this mission was to raise awareness in a gamified way among the opiners about the need to dispose of electronic waste correctly.

With one gamified mission:

We gathered more than 1,000 people in this task;

We cover the entire Brazilian territory;

We correctly dispose of a large amount of e-waste.

Why is that such an important matter?

According to data from the United Nations (UN), about 57.4 million tons of electronic waste are generated annually worldwide and without proper disposal.
As a result, we can have soil contamination with toxic gases and even the triggering of various diseases in populations.
Educating people about the importance of properly disposing of electronic waste is just the first step. And if we start with a micro mission in Brazil, imagine the importance that this activity cannot generate for countries that are directly impacted by incorrect disposals, such as China, India, and some African countries.


We are a mobile platform that engages over 3 million users through missions that provide purpose and generate a financial reward.

Users have the power to opt for each specific task and guarantee the final reward in their wallet within our application.

How do the PiniOn missions work?

Based on profile and/or location, PiniOn performs missions with 3 million Opiners. Our level of engagement is high because, for each mission, our base has an opportunity for extra income. Check out how this flow works:


PiniOn sends a push notification to users, and they access the missions tab in the PiniOn app.


After confirming their interest in the mission, they receive the necessary information and instructions.


It's time to carry out the mission, which can be done by photo, video, audio, or form.


Completing the mission, if approved, users receive a reward.

Our story

Founded in 2012, PiniOn has become the largest Brazilian platform for carrying out virtual and face-to-face missions.

Spread throughout the country, we have more than 3 million registered users and we are present in more than 4,500 cities.

Today, we coordinate tasks at scale for companies, governments, and the third sector, improving business and information efficiency by taking action quickly and with auditable results.